The recycling solution for P.V. modules
The objective of Solarcycle is to offer a solution for the recycling of photovoltaic modules. 
The Solarcycle project is in response to the European Directive DEEE 2012/19/EU. 
This is a partnership between :  
 - RECMA group (industrial)  
 - COMET group (industrial) 
 - ULg, Liège University, GreenMat (research)  
 - ULB, Bruxelles University, Service 4Mat (research)
Our process achieves a minimum of a 95 % recycling rate. 
Our facilities are mainly located in Seraing (Liège); ideally situated near the borders of Germany, France, Luxembourg and Netherlands (please refer to the map below).

From Solar modules to raw materials.
With a network constantly expanding, always open to new partnerships, we receives more and more photovoltaic modules from different locations in Europe.
Involved in Social Economy Solarcycle is able, with the first step of the process, to create low qualifications jobs and reinsert people who have lost  touch with the society. The main objective for us is the employment.
High recycling rate at a minimum of 95%. We even have solutions for the Silicon, with a patented process developped by the University of Liège. We are looking forward to using it for several applications.




Video from COMET
COMET Traitements treats and upgrade the residue of metal waste grinding. Metal waste is electrical waste, old cars and scrap metal. This waste is shredded and magnetically separated which results in ferrous metals sent to the steel sector...
Video from GREENMAT
We are in the Group of Research in Energy and Environment from MATerials (GreenMAT) at the University of Liège. This laboratory is focused on two research topics, one is the experimental design of functionnal surfaces, and the other is the technology of inorganic powders...
Video from RECMA
RECMA is a social economy enterprise which is recognized for employment insertion by the Walloon Region. RECMA group is active in several domains as Circular Economy,...
...The main objective is the employment... 
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Phone : +32 (0) 4 330 65 05

Rue du Teris, 45
4100 Seraing

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